Complete Business Management
System with Point of Sales

Manage Your Own Business With eNiaga comes with lots of features out-of-box. You get most of the feature needed by small & Medium sized businesses to simplify the time-consuming task of accounting & inventory management and instead focus on what really matters – Your Business

Based On Strategic Experiences and Real Case Business Operation

Our developer have developed the application keeping in mind the following things:

eNiaga Great Features

Ideal for any Businesses. Designed to make you look professional

Manage Sales

Sales document can be produced and managed fast and easily, ranging from Sales Order, Quotation, Invoice, Payment Receipt and Delivery Order. Everything organized in order and neatly.

Manage Products

Whether you have a physical product, digital or services, you can manage easily product information, images, pricing and can be sorted by group.

Manage Expenses

You can save all your expenses by uploading receipt image or importing records from other modules with one click.

Stock Management

Each product can be set to manage by Stock Management. You can add and monitor quantity of stock, creating barcode or define SKU of your choice.

Manage Supplier

As same as customer, supplier can be defined as vendor, companies, a person or an entity categorized as a supplier.

Point Of Sale

Designed as general purpose that can cater type of business like a restaurant, retail or any cash sales depend on your needs. By using a selected thermal printer and cash drawer, you can operate your store anywhere

Reporting & Analysis

Provide comprehensive reporting for Sales, Payment, Stock, Product, Purchases, Expenses, GST Tax Summary, Profit and Loss, Accounts Aging and Customer Statement

Multiple User

Can be accessed by multiple users at the same time, to perform sales operations or managing other task depend on roles assigned. User roles can be dynamically created and defined depending on your needs.

Customer Database

Whether customers are companies or person. Important data can be saved such as name, images, birth date, phone, email and mailing address for the purpose of sales and promotions.

Manage Employee

Manage your employee information such as personal data, hiring date and other information that can dynamically add depends on your needs.

Employee Leave

Manage employee leave by providing the number of days eligible to apply and accept or reject the leave application.

Who Should Use Our System?

eNiaga simplify the time-consuming task of accounting & inventory management and instead focus on what really matters – Your Business

Clients Feedback

System eNiaga provides the best solutions by acting as a true business partner to our customers.

Latest Activities

From time to time, we do some cooperation with IT community in Malaysia to promote their program, and we also participate in public events to introduce System eNiaga to public.

4 Alasan Mengapa Point of Sale untuk Restoran Sangat Penting

1. Point of Sale untuk Restoran Melancarkan Komunikasi Staf Anda Mengantar pesanan dari pelanggan melalui Point of Sale untuk restoran dibandingkan dengan melakukannya secara manual, akan menghemat waktu yang sangat banyak. Semakin cepat order diterima, akan semakin cepat juga makanan atau minuman tersaji kepada pelanggan Anda dengan begitu akan meningkatkan perputaran meja yang dapat diisi…

6 Alasan Point of Sales Software Malaysia Penting bagi Bisnis Anda!

Point of Sales Software Malaysia – Jika Anda adalah seorang pebisnis maka perlu mengaplikasikan POS ke dalam bisnis Anda. Memasukkan sistem POS ke dalam bisnis adalah keputusan yang sangat bijaksana karena tanpa mengaplikasikannya bisnis Anda akan menjadi ketinggalan zaman dimana hanya menunjang pembayaran dengan kartu kredit, cash, dan kartu debit. Berkat teknologi modern saat ini…

5 Sebab Mengapa Rekod Sistem Perakaunan Penting Dalam Business

1. Mengetahui Pencapaian Bussiness Setiap orang yg berniaga pasti ingin tahu untung rugi perniagaan yg dijalankan..tapi bagaimana nak tahu kalau pemilik tiada penyimpanan rekod perakaunan perniagaan dgn betul. 2. Mengukur Pencapaian Laporan kewangan mengukur pencapaian terkini perniagaan berbanding masa lalu. Ini penting untuk mewujudkan pattern bussiness. 3. Lebih sistematik Memudahkan tugas mengurus duit masuk &…