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Durian Belanda

Durian Belanda, also known as Soursop or Graviola, is a tropical fruit tree native to the Americas. However, its cultivation has expanded to regions like Malaysia due to suitable climate conditions. In Malaysia, Durian Belanda farming typically involves selecting appropriate land with well-drained soil and adequate sunlight. Farmers often propagate the tree through seeds or grafting techniques to ensure desirable traits and quicker fruiting.

The cultivation process includes regular watering, fertilization, and pest management to ensure optimal growth and fruit development. Pruning may also be necessary to maintain tree health and productivity. Harvesting usually occurs when the fruits reach maturity, which is indicated by their size, color, and slight softening.

Durian Belanda farming in Malaysia contributes to local agriculture and provides economic opportunities for farmers. The fruit is valued for its unique flavor and potential health benefits, which have contributed to its popularity both domestically and internationally. However, challenges such as pests, diseases, and market fluctuations may affect the success of Durian Belanda farming ventures in Malaysia.

Durian Belanda Farming Educations

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